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Welcome to PlanetData!

PlanetData aims to establish a sustainable European community of researchers that supports organizations in exposing their data in new and useful ways. The ability to effectively and efficiently make sense out of the enormous amounts of data continuously published online, including data streams, (micro)blog posts, digital archives, eScience resources, public sector data sets, and the Linked Open Data Cloud, is a crucial ingredient for Europe's transition to a knowledge society. It allows businesses, governments, communities and individuals to take decisions in an informed manner, ensuring competitive advantages, and general welfare.


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Publish data and stay up-to-date in large‐scale data management research topics

Extend products and services with features, which leverage online data sets

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The PlanetData project is based upon three objectives that together create a durable community made up of academic and industrial partners. This community is supported in conducting research in the large-scale data management area through the provision of data sets and access to tailored data management technology. This community also benefits from a comprehensive program of training, dissemination, standardization, and networking activities, intended to strengthen existing collaborations and establish new ones, to educate organizations in key questions related to open data exposure, and to transfer research results towards industry.