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Who are domain researchers (scientific organizations)?

The domain researchers/research organisations are  scientistic entities who have particular interest in large-scale data management and its application to create useful, open data sets. Research questions relevant to large‐scale data management are inherently interdisciplinary; their durable resolution requires the building of bridges between the different research communities that currently exist in isolation from each other.

As a Domain Researcher you can...

  • Publish your data in a purposeful way
  • Staying up‐to‐date on the latest, cutting edge interdisciplinary research results in the area of large-scale data management (see PlanetData Deliverables, Publications, Presentations)
  • Participate in PlanetData and project related events (see Upcoming events)


PlanetData maintains a collection of Tools that support large-scale data management, with particular attention to Linked Data and sensor data. The tools were developed by PlanetData partners, who also offer support for using the tools to the PlanetData community.


We offer the opportunity to become associate partners of the network and participate in our PlanetData Programs. Navigate to the Associate Partners page for more details.

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