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M48 Deliverables are available on our website

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M48 deliverables are now available at the PlanetData website: http://planet-data.eu/results/deliverables

  • D21.3 LinkedMap Final report and project showcase Call2: Linked Map Management 
  • D28.1 ETIHQ Tourism Decision Support using Linked Data Call2: ETIHQ System Development
  • D29.2 ETIHQ Dissemination and Exploitation Report Call2: ETIHQ Dissemination
  • D30.1 ETIHQ Project Report Call2: ETIHQ Management
  • D18.2 LinkedMap Platform Beta version Call2: Linked Map Platform integration&development
  • D1.7 Distributed streaming RDF storage engine WP 1 - Data Streams and Dynamicity
  • D18.3 LinkedMap Platform Monitoring report Call2: Linked Map Platform integration&development
  • D20.3 LinkedMap Exploitation plan LinkedMap Exploitation plan
  • D33.1 MetaReasons Prototype evaluation: modelling and scalability Call2: Meta Reasons Prototype evaluation
  • D20.4 LinkedMap Standardization report Call2: Linked Map Dissemination  
  • D4.5 PlanetData data sets, vocabularies and provisioning tools catalogue and access portal WP 4 - Data Provisioning
  • D20.5 LinkedMap Web enabled public showcase Call2: Linked Map Dissemination
  • D5.4 PlanetData data management tools catalogue and access portal WP 5 - PlanetData Lab 
  • D19.2 LinkedMap Report on crowdsourcing trade-offs for geospatial data curation