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Updates on Cataloguing Activities of PlanetData

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PlanetData Data Sets and  Vocabularies and Access Portal deliverable introducing BTC2014 dataset has been released: http://bit.ly/1s7wlVH

In this deliverable it is reported on the cataloguing activities of PlanetData. During the reporting period, the following results were achieved: In order to discover additional Linked Datasets, KIT as well as UMA performed large-scale crawls of the Linked Data Web. The Web data corpus crawled by KIT consists of 4 billion RDF triples and is offered as evaluation data for the Semantic Web Challenge 2014, the premier event for showcasing Semantic Web applications. The Web data corpus crawled by UMA was further analysed concerning the topical domains of the published data as well as the compliance of the data sources with the Linked Data best practices. The results of the analysis were published in the form of a data catalog covering 1900 datasets and classifying each dataset according to its topical domain, vocabulary usage and compliance with the best practices. The linkage relationships between the datasets were visualized in the form of an updated Linked Data Cloud diagram. A paper describing the results of the analysis was accepted for publication at the International Semantic Web Conference and will be presented there in October. More at http://planet-data.eu/sites/default/files/D4.5.pdf