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Wright State University



Kno.e.sis faculty collectively have decades of expertise of in database management (including integration, mining, and visualization), AI and knowledge representation, and bioinformatics. Much of Kno.e.sis's research is transdisciplinary, multidisciplinary, and team-oriented, with a strong practical and systems orientation, and involves partners from industry, the sciences, and government.

Key application areas are semantic e-science (including bioinformatics, biomedicine, health care), Web-based information management (including search and business intelligence), and national and homeland security (including intelligence analysis).

Our research has pioneered techniques and capabilities related to:

  • Ontology management and multi-ontology environments
  • Integration and analysis of heterogeneous (structured, semi-structured, unstructured) data
  • Advanced and intelligent search, browsing, querying, mining, analysis and knowledge discovery
  • Semantic annotation of documents, scientific data and services involving entity and relationship extraction/disambiguation
  • Semantic enhancement of Web2.0 including social search and lightweight services, semantic middleware and semantics-enabled networking
  • Semantic Web services and processes including semantics-based publication, discovery, composition and dynamic binding of services
  • Data mining
  • Metadata and languages research
  • Ontology Languages and Reasoning
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