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PlanetData Tool Catalogue

We maintain a collection of tools that support large-scale data management, with particular attention to Linked Data and sensor data. The tools listed in this catalogue were developed by PlanetData partners, who also offer support for using the tools to the PlanetData community. The listed tools are useful in different ways. They include data management tools (RDF repositories, relational databases, sensor data management tools), RDF data provisioning tools (that enable RDF access to legacy data, or to data stored in other formats than RDF), linked data tools (e.g. to crawl linked data, discover relations or manage SPARQL endpoints), large-scale reasoning frameworks, RDF vocabulary lookup for RDF developers, and tools that enable ontology-based access to stream data.

Select out of three dimensions for interested tools:

1. By Input Data: includes three main categories - Stream Data, Linked Data, Non-Structured Data.

2. By Functionality: consists of five categories—Produce, Publish, Consume, Provisioning, Data Management.

3. By Representation Technique: tools fallen in this category have ability to process the data for specific applications.