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R&D Showcases

HealthCare Use Case

The Health Use Case Demo showcases the use of the access control enforcement techniques developed in PlanetData in order to provide selective exposure of patients' Personal Health Record information to various users/roles (doctors, medical staff, public services, organizations, hospitals etc) according to the access rights that the patient himself/herself has provided. More details on the demo can be found bellow: 

Screencast [YouTube] | Demo | Whitepaper [PDF]


Event Registry Use Case

The “Event Registry” system is developed as a prototype to support a standardization working group at the IPTC level (publishers’ standardization organization – IPTC.org). The aim is to release recommendations to collect, annotate and interoperate information on global events and storylines across languages, domains and granularities. 

Screencast [AVI, 11.7MB] | Demo | Whitepaper [PDF]


Smart Cities Use Case

The usecase describes some of the challenges and opportunities that arise from the existence of diverse sets of open (and closed) public and private data related to city infrastructures and territory, demography, public transport facilities and commercial activities across the city, specifically, focusing on the area of geomarketing. 

Whitepaper [PDF]